ChemEngEdu (Chemical & Engineering Education) is intended to be a hub of knowledge for chemical and mechanical engineers around the world.

We provide engineers with practical and applied knowledge required in operation, design, and engineering of processes and plant equipment. We teach key concepts that plant engineers need in order to work and solve problems efficiently. These include major misunderstood concepts among chemical and mechanical engineers. We can also offer writing and presentation skills training courses (both technical & non-technical).

With Global R&D Co. Ltd., we also provide research & scale-up training and services including research and technology development consulting for major chemical processes and equipment based on our extensive experience in designing, fabricating, and guaranteeing performances of various types of unit operations.

From 2019, PreFEED & ChemEngEdu collaborate to be the complete engineers’ academy solution for Thai companies focus on the following techniques;

- Unique Systematic Training Methods

  A. Work on Real Practical Examples

  B. Solve One Problem by Several Ways

  C. Master Rules of Thumb as Cross-Check Values

  D. Equip Engineers with Practical & Simple Problem Solving Tools  

- Competency Assessment Tests for Engineers & Researchers: Measure the Skills and Follow Up

PreFEED Corporation, based in Japan with 15 years’ experience, supports process industries world-wide by providing educational services, modeling & consulting and software tool to address scale-up issues and to improve chemical plant performance.

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Our Partners
Global R&D is a leading technology company specialized in the area of Research and Development, Helping Customers on the whole range of research and development Starting from catalysis lab research and equipment setup including kinetics, reactor design & engineering, research-equipment scaling up/down and R&D-service. For more information,

Joseph Bonem
Specialist in Scale-Up and Process Troubleshooting

David Lin
Specialist in Distillation, Absorption, L-L Extraction

Dr. Jonathan Worstell
Specialist in Fixed Bed Reactor Scale-up

Dr. Hank Brittain
Specialist in Process Control & Instrumentation

Wiroon Tanthapanichakoon
Specialist in Scale-Up, Basic Engineering, Tech Development

Dr. Apinan Soottitantawat 
Specialist in Fluid Mixing, Equipment Scale-Up

Prof. Dr. Dominic Chwan Yee Foo
Specialist in Water and Energy Pinch Analysis & Process Optimization

Zhongyi John Ding, PhD
Specialist in technology development, commercialization, and process improvements in areas of catalysis, reaction engineering, and product separation.
Dr. Yoshio Kumagae
Specialist in Scale-up from lab to commercial, CPD & theory-based scale-up experiments, Research & Technology Development, Simulation, Process & Equipment Modelling & Equation solving, CHE knowledge & unit operation fundamentals, Rules of Thumb/ Heuristics
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"We Deliver Knowledge, Training and Consulting for Chemical and Mechanical Engineers"

Triple W Co. Ltd. (บริษัท ทริปเปิ้ลดับบลิว จำกัด)
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